Private Photo Sessions

This highly personal service is designed for customers who are interested in capturing the true spirit of loved ones, with the intention of publishing a framed collage, a photo book, or large framed prints. Most common among families with small children, the type of photos produced by these sessions can only be achieved in an intimate environment, when the subjects are calm, comfortable and pre-occupied with something that brings them joy.

If a child in her Sunday best sat in a styrofoam seashell in a studio is your idea of quality photograph of a child then I am afraid that you came to the wrong place, lucky for you there are many photographers who will cater this type of work. But true spirit cannot be staged in a foreign environment, and seashells are for oysters... Close your eyes and try to imagine your most favorite photographs, I am pretty certain that those photos were not staged in a studio.

The true character of children comes out when they are engaged in doing something they love, the fine nuances of a child character cannot be staged, they must be captured as they happen. This approach requires a different mindset during a photo shoot, there are no stiff rules, no 'say cheese' and no formal clothes. Rather a relaxed, fun atmosphere, good mood and some controlled spontaneity. Trust me, the results will surprise you.


How does it work?

Please contact me for more detail on this service, or to schedule an appointment. The process goes as follows:
We meet in person for 30 minutes or so prior to the shoot. The purpose of this meeting is for me to get to know you in person and understand what your expectations are and what you are looking to achieve. I will also take the opportunity to explain how I work and what you should expect during the shoot.


  • We identify a suitable schedule and a location for the shoot - given the season and the age of the kids, this may be a local park, your backyard, a beach, or even your kitchen!
  • We meet on schedule for the photo session - Most sessions are about 2 hours long.
  • In the studio after the shoot, the photos get sorted, filtered and re-filtered. The best of the best are being retouched and optimized.
  • We meet to review and discuss the selected photos, final picks are made.
  • We choose a medium and mounting details
  • I deliver the final product and we sign off.


What does it cost?

That really depends on what you are looking to come out with, but I do everything 'a la carte', which really allows you to work with me on any budget. here are some guidelines:

  • A 2 hour photo session at a local site costs $300
  • Medium size prints are about $45
  • Large prints (think poster size) are about $120
  • Canvases are about $200
  • A 30 page photo book with up to 40 pictures starts at $575
  • DVD with the hi-res photos is provided for all orders over $800
  • Web gallery is complimentary with every order
  • I give discounts for returning customers and generous gifts for referrals