Your personal information is safe. I will never share, sell, or use any of the personal information that you shared with me as part of the service I provided to you. That includes your phone numbers, email address, home address, names etc..
In addition, I will never resell photos from your shoot to any third parties without seeking your consent. I do reserve the right to use all the photos I took in promotional materials for my business.

I respect your privacy and your rights; please respect mine.



Pixel Bounty LLC is fully insured with The Hartford for general liability. Many venues require dedicated proof of insurance, which I am prepared to provide immediately on request.


Deposits and payments

I always collect a 25% deposit at the time you accept the terms of the service, as described in the proposal. This deposit is necessary in order to guarantee a date for the shoot. It is fully refundable up to 45 days prior to the shoot, after which it will be redeemed and non refundable. The remaining balance is due upon receipt of deliverables.


Copyright Law – Things you should know

  • Federal copyright law states that it is illegal to reproduce a photograph taken by a professional photographer or studio without their permission, which would be depicted in a signed release form. If you reprint a copyrighted photograph at a photo lab, you – and the photo lab – could be liable for copyright infringement.
  • Purchasing prints of a photo, CD, or DVD from a professional photographer or studio does not transfer the copyright of the photo to you, and the photo cannot be reproduced without release.
  • You can be personally liable for copyright infringement even if you did not intend to break the law. Good intentions are not defenses for copyright infringement.
  • Copyright law protects photographs even if the photographer has not obtained a copyright registration and even if the photograph is published without a copyright notice.
  • Copyright law gives a professional photographer certain exclusive rights, including the right to:
    • Reprint the photograph.
    • Create modified images based on the photograph.
    • Sell reprints of the photograph.
    • Display the image publicly.
  • Making a few changes to someone else’s photograph does not remove the copyright protection or make the modified photograph free for your use.
  • Just because a photograph is on the Internet does not mean it is in the public domain.

Thank you.